✨Anna Saccone Written in the Stars Review✨

I have a huge Woman Crush on Anna Saccone, I love her style, I love her hair, her makeup, her “I don’t give AF” attitude, and I firmly believe we could be the best of friends, unfortunately she has yet to come to this realization haha! About 2 years ago she released her Zodiac Collection and this year she released her Written in the Stars Collections, and I figured it was only fitting that I did a review of the new collection as I had reviewed the original. I do need to mention I did not buy the new zodiac constellation pendant as I already had the original and felt it would be over kill having both.

Bar Choker

I ordered this necklace without ever realizing it was actually a choker, in Anna’s video about the collection she never referred to it as a chokers always called it a necklace and the birthstone a choker, and it hung around the length of her small zodiac necklace, so I assumed it would be that size. Also the Stilnest website DOES NOT list the length of the chains so when it arrived and I saw how small it was I assumed I had received a faulty one, after some emailing back and forth I learned that it is actually a choke of 32cm, which is around 12 inches. The down side of this is that its not very inclusive for bigger woman, which I am, this necklace doesn’t hang very flatteringly, and on the longest setting you still end up with the bar sitting pretty snuggly across the center of my throat. The bar doesn’t have the pretty dangle effect that it should have for the majority of woman, considering I am considered an average size for woman. When I complained that Anna had said she was wearing her chokers on the longest setting and yet the bar necklace was so much longer than the birthstone necklace, Stilnest replied with  “don’t know why that it, anything else I can help you with”, which I found annoying and disrespectful as I have spent near a thousand dollars with them over the past few years.

For my necklace I Had “Let Go” engraved, this is a yoga mantra that I adore, my plan was to get my other favorite mantra “Breathe” on another of the bar necklaces and wear them both, however after receiving this one I see that it’s not something I will ever wear, and Stilnest will not allow me to return it, so I am going to gift it to my Neice, she is only 6 but it’s something my sister can hang on to for her.

Birthstone Choker

The brimstone choker fits perfectly as it sits right at the bottom of my throat, now I do wear this on the longest setting and if I was any bigger it would be uncomfortable, I personally think Stilnest’s biggest problem has always been their sizing, the original zodiac collection the small was too short the medium sits in my cleavage making it too long, and the large is honestly ridiculous with how long it is. Having said that I love this necklace, I like the dainty-ness of the necklace, it’s so simple and classy that anyone could wear this to any occasion and it would suit. I ordered mine in gold, which Stilnest calls yellow-gold and for good reason it is quite yellowish, their rose-gold which is the color of my original zodiac necklace, in my option looks closer to a normal gold. I would say their coloring is another issue with Stilnest, it doesn’t match any of my jewelry from say Kate Spade, Michael Kors, or Gorjana.

All in all I loved the birth stone but I wish I would have ordered it in rose-gold, and I wish I wouldn’t have ordered the Bar Choker. You can watch my full review for this here, and I would love to know if you bought one of Anna Saccone’s necklaces and whaat you think of it.



  1. Leblanc aza
    December 17, 2017 / 6:05 am

    Deceit. Misleading publicity. Very disappointed with the customer service also… They’re beautiful, but the overall experience was not satisfactory. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy something from her again… Bright side: it’s jewelry, therefore it definitely can be preserved and it would be a great present for your relative… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vonda Dover
    December 19, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    Very pretty

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