Review: Shark Lift Away Pro Steam Mop

A few months ago I did the unboxing of this steam mop and promised an honest review…so here it is….

I made a PRO/CON list of this steam mop so I will start with the PROS,

I like that it has 3 heat settings, Dust, Mop, Scrub. I personally only use the Scrub setting as it gets the hottest and produces the most steam so I feel like my floors are being sanitized as well as cleaned.

Something this mop has over all the other ones I have seen is how wide the actual mop head is, I have 18X18 inch tile throughout my entire 1500 square foot condo (except the 2 small bathrooms), and this mop can do each tile in 1 back and forth motion.

I also like that the mop head is able to flip over easily without having to stop turn it off press a button etc. I flips in one easy motion that you can do from the handle without having to touch the actually mop head, which is great because its obviously dirty as well as hot.

This mop can also double as a hand held steamer that comes with a couple attachments for steaming clothes, furniture, and a rug, all with the push of a button, or two in this case 🙂

Now lets talk about the cons…….

The first thing I don’t like about this mop is that it’s corded, I purchased this online and do not recall seeing a cord in any of the pictures, and this cord is something that drives me crazy, having to constantly be unplugging and looking for an available outlet is very frustrating to me. 

Another thing I don’t like is the fill spout, you have to physically lay the mop on the ground to fill this, it would have made more sense to do it from the top. I also don’t like that you can’t see how much water is going in because its laying down so it leads to a lot of overfilling.

 Also this steam mop doesn’t have an on/off switch so there is always sparks when you unplug it, even if you press the temperature setting back to blinking.

All in all I will not be recommending this to anyone because sadly this actually left marks all over my floor that had to be cleaned up in a four step process that tools days. The idea behind this mop is great but the actual execution is crap.

You can see my full video review below as well as hear the story of the four step clean up.



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