FitBug Orb Review

As you guys know I have been trying to get my weight issues under control, so far this year I have gained about 20 pounds, but I am seriously goal oriented now so I recently purchased the FitBug. After about 4 weeks of use I feel I can give you a honest and thorough review, so lets dive in.

Wristband & Pant Clip

FitBug Orb offers 3 different colors to choose from Pink, White, and Black, I chose the white because i thought it would go better with different outfits as well as fit with more formal wear. When you receive your FitBug Orb you get a wrist band, a pant clip, and a wrist string (I lost it in Las Vegas but I show it in the video below). 

The wristband and pocket clip is made of a matte rubber material, in a way I’m not 100% onboard with this, I find it slightly annoying when the wristband moves against the skin on your arm as it pulls the hair where a traditional wristband doesn’t, as well as the pant slip is really difficult to clip on to your clothes as the rubber doesn’t slide very well. 

The first day I wore the FitBug Orb I used the wristband, at the end of the day it said I had walked 22,000 steps, I was actually quite proud of myself because 10,000 steps is equal to 5 miles, then I thought it might be to good to be true because I thought it might be tracking my arm movements rather than my steps. The next day I used the pocket clip and at the end of the day I had taken 11,000 steps, thats with me doing everything the same as the day before including vacuuming, walking the dogs, cleaning the kitchen etc. So I would recommend you only use the wristband when actually walking, but for m sits really hard to move the orb from one cover to another so I strictly use the pocket clip.

The pocket clip works much better at tracking steps as well as not irritating your skin, but as I mentioned before it is hard to attach to your clothing because of the rubber material. 

The face of the Orb has 1 button on it you press it once it will update the app on your smartphone to tell you your stats so far, you press it 3 times in under 2 seconds to tell it you are sleeping so it can track your sleep pattern, I find this extremely annoying as it would have been just as easy to put 2 buttons on the face of the orb, one saying “sleep” and one saying “update”, if you are trying to put it into sleep mode but don’t do it fast enough it lights up red and sometimes green for like 5 minutes and I have no idea how to get out of that so I just wait until it goes away.

The stats that it tells you are your total steps taken, arobic steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, how many times you awoke, and for ho long. You can also manually add in your weight or purchase the FitBug scale and it will update it for you. ( I did purchase the scale and will review that next week). 

I also own a heart rate monitor so I wore that as well as my FitBug and at the end of the day compared the calorie count and it was only off by about 10-20 calories which is really good as most calorie counters typically way over estimate the calories burned.

The sleep tracker is interesting, I like knowing how many hours of sleep I get and how often I wake up but after about 2 weeks of everything basically being the same I have stopped wearing it at night. 

As for color options I wish I could buy just a wristband or pocket clip so that I could change the colors to correlate with my outfits or moods, also as it is called a FitBug I thought it would be cool if they had a ladybug, dragonfly, or bee painted one or even if you could buy a pocket clip in the shape of a flower, I would also like a less matte rubber feel to the product so its more comfortable and easier to apply.

At the end of the day I would recommend it, in fact I love mine and wear it all day everyday, I love sitting down at the end of the night and waiting to see what my numbers are, somedays I feel really proud and accomplished, others I feel down that I didn’t do as well, but it does motivate me to want to do better. When I first started with the FitBug my goal was 10,000 steps a day (according to Dr. Oz thats minimum everyone should take), now after one month I do about 14,000 a day and working towards 20,000 by the end of the year. 

If you would like to see my full video review it is below. 


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