Balanced Body Allegro Tower Of Power Pilates Reformer

Wow thats a mouthful of a title, as you guys know I am a massive Pilates fan, it’s one of the few exercise I can do every single day and it not affect my knees, unfortunately the cost of my Pilates Reformer classes were getting a bit out of hand so my very loving husband bought me this baby for my birthday this year and the crazy thing, if I use this everyday (which I know I will) it will have paid for itself by valentines day!!
I chose the Tower of Power because I enjoy doing the additional exercises the Cadillac offers, unfortunately I live in a condo and didn’t really have the space for the reformer let alone a full on Cadillac so this was my space issue compromise. I can’t wait to start doing some Workout Wednesday videos on this baby for you guys, I did an unboxing of this but it is a little bit long as this came in 3 HUGE boxes and 1 small box so if you would like to give that a gander its here…..


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