Workout Wednesday: Polar FT4 Watch Heart Rate Monitor Review

Todays blog post is all about the Polar FT4 Watch Heart Rate Monitor, I have owned this for about 2 years now but have used everyday for the past 60 days and I can honestly say this $60 gadget has completely changed workout for me!

Unlike many fitness monitors out there this bad boy uses a heart rate strap to monitor your actual heart, which means its pretty on point when it comes to your actual caloric output, unlike your typical  monitor on say the treadmill or elliptical this is completely targeted to you meaning you aren’t getting a generalized caloric number, or targeted heart rate. Also this little watch contains a neat little computer inside that keeps a file on each of your workouts, meaning if you forget how many calories you burned or how long your workout was last week you can always look all that info back up!

I have decided that this watch is an actual necessity for my workouts, not only do you get vital info, but it also makes me quite competitive against myself hahah.

Here is the link to the watch at Walmart and here is todays Main Channel Video, Daily Vlog, and Gaming Channel Video. 



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