2016 Advent Haul

One of my favorite things about the month of December is Advent Calendars, how can anyone not love a little box that gives you a little chocolate or present everyday?

I don’t think I went as craycray as I did last year, but I still have a very nice selection to open throughout the month. Also quick self-promo I will be opening these everyday on my vlogmas videos!


My first calendar was lovingly made by my little brother Matthew, I love how he placed it under the tree as it really fills the void that was there. I also love that I have no clue whats in there or what categories it would be; chocolate, beauty, stationary..who knows!


The LookFantastic Beauty Secret is my big beauty calendar this year, one of my fav things about this is the rose-gold box, I can’t wait to reuse this at the end of the month! Also I love that they didn’t tell anyone whats inside, also do you spot the cheeky “25” door? How awesome is that?


The Tanya Burr calendar is not only super cute, but I am super excited to know whats in there, as you guys know I tried the TB Cometics back when they first launched and wasn’t a massive fan, but after recently trying her new products, I see how much better the quality is, and I love them. This is only 12 days, which normally I don’t like but for the price I can deal with it.

Over the past 6 months I have become a massive Zotter Chocolate addict, (my neighbor is the distributor for the state of Hawaii, and he feeds my addiction on the regular lol), this cute Advent Calendar contains 24 of their Christmas chocolates, and the best part, everyday is a different flavor. If you haven’t tried the Zotter Chocolates I suggest getting your hands on a few, they are amazing, and I now see what people mean when they say European chocolate is better.


And finally I have the SacconeJoly Advent Calendar, I had a sneaky suspicion that they were bringing one out this year, and as soon as they launched I bought mine. I am really excited to see whats behind each door, and to find all the characters on the front. Now I will admit this is 100% just an excuse to buy chocolate; but I like to purchase some of the YouTuber’s merchandise as they take a lot of time to create entertainment for us, and as someone who does YouTube, I can tell you they don’t get paid what they should. So anytime I can support some of my favorite creators off the YouTube platform I do.

So that is my 2016 Advent Roundup, are you doing Advent this year? Which one of these looks the best to you?



  1. November 29, 2016 / 11:28 pm

    That is actually really cute

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