25 Days Of Christmas Giveaway

Hey guys, I know it’s been kinda quite here in our little space of the internet, but I have been so busy preparing for my annual 25 Days Of Christmas Giveaway, that I haven’t had much time to focus on anything else. Now that I have everything ordered and all the intro’s filmed and edited, I’m hoping things will become a little calmer, although I am doing Vlogmas again and I have started a Sims Christmas Series so lets face it, it’s going to be a crazy month that will end with almost 60 videos uploaded in 30 days…phew I’m tired just thinking about it, but very excited too.
So lets talk about the giveaway and how it works, on December 1, 25 people will win an item, on December 2, 24 people will win, going all the way to December 25, where 1 person will win. I have gotten a lot of questions about why I do it backwards and don’t have 25 people win on Christmas Day, the reason for that is when I first started this 2 years ago I did a poll and my followers then (all 20 of them lol ), decided this is how they wanted it, I may do another poll next year and see if you guys want me to change it, but for now this is how it works.
The rules, basically the only rule for this is you have to be Subscribed to my main youtube channel. There are also a couple of ways to earn an extra entry which are as follows:
Follow me on Twitter
Follow Me on Instagram
Follow me on Tumblr
Follow me on G+
Like my Facebook Page
Follow my Blog (look to your left and you will see a follow by email and members section)

This is open internationally, and all prizes will be shipped on January 1, 2015 due to the possibility of multiple wins. I hope you all are have a lovely holiday season, I know I have just been loving the holidays this year, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


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