A Casual Fall Beach Walk OOTD

Here in Hawaii it’s starting to feel a bit fall like, the wind is picking up, the waves are getting bigger, and the hot humid air has finally become cool and crisp in the mornings, I cannot tell you how much I have been wanting this weather change and now that it’s finally here I’m going to enjoy it.

So today we packed up our cameras and headed to our favorite spot Sandy Beach, to take a little fall beach walk.


I was supposed to workout this morning, but I didn’t so today I’m just wearing some Victoria’s Secret cropped leggings, a Victoria’s Secret Training Tank, and a Victoria’s Secret zip up hoodie….and no the post is not sponsored by Victoria’s Secret lol, I paired my outfit with a pair of Nike flip flops.

When people think of Hawaii, they always imagine palm tree lined, white powder beaches, and while Hawaii has a lot of that to offer, we also have the lava rock areas, and I love those areas so much more, they are always more quiet, more relaxing, and sometimes more romantic.

I love days like today, when we just spur of the moment take a break and head to the beach, not only does it allow me the breathing space I feel like I need but it allows Don and I as a couple to just sit and talk without the hustle and bustle of city life.

And now all of you know my not so secret favorite hiding place.
Where is your favorite place?

Also here is today’s Daily Vlog.


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