About Me

Hi my name is Katie Snyder, and I am a full time blogger/vlogger!

In late 2011 I became completely and utterly obsessed with youtube, beauty gurus to be a bit more specific, unfortunately it was really difficult to get the bigger “gurus” to respond to video requests as well as most weren’t doing beauty product reviews, so after requesting a review for a product I can’t even remember anymore, I decided to create my own little space on the internet and do it myself.

I live in Honolulu Hawaii (yes it is complete amazing to be able to say that lol), I am Married to Don, who is in Real Estate, we have two King Charles Spaniels ,Charlie (2 years Old, brown and white pictured below), and Louis (1 year old, tricolor and pictured above). I enjoying laying by the pool. walking on the beach, and playing with my two fur babies, I also enjoy ice skating, carriage rides, and playing in the snow, unfortunately I can do none of those things here ūüôā

¬†I am a little obsessed with Social Media specifically¬†Twitter,¬†Instagram, and Snapchat (katiesnyder157), I also enjoy getting lost on¬†Facebook,¬†Pinterest, sadly I find myself getting “lost” on social media regularly which can sometimes get in the way of living real life lol.

I have a¬†youtube channel¬†were I do daily uploads that pertain to fashion, fitness, beauty, and the odd challenge and tag. I also¬†Daily Vlog¬†which means I’m able to share a bit of my beautiful Hawaii with all of my viewers!

I want this blog to be a place were all my readers feel comfortable asking me questions whether it be beauty, fitness, lifestyle, or personal, I am truly in this to create a place of camaraderie, and also a space were we can all have some fun, so don’t be shy introduce yourself and ask me anything!