Advent Haul & 25 Days Of Christmas Day


Since today it the beginning of Advent (calendars that is), I thought it would only be fitting if I did an Advent Haul post!

Because last year I suffered from massive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, except it wasn’t fear because I knew I was missing out lol), when it came to Advent Calendars because I couldn’t find any here in Hawaii and the ones I found online didn’t ship to Hawaii, so this year I planned ahead, shipped everything to my sister and then she shipped to me. Unfortunately I think I may have gone a little overboard, but lets be honest, this is Christmas, there is no such thing as going overboard at Christmas…right?

This Playmobil Christmas Room With Illuminating Tree Advent Calendar was the first one I purchased, I had seen this particular calendar on Zoe Sugg’s vlogmas and instantly knew this needed to be a part of my Christmas Life. I am so excited to play with this, that I have already set up the background for it and am now eagerly awaiting the moment when I can open that first door.

The next calendar I picked up was the Yankee Candle Countdown Calendar, I mentioned in my video that I thought I paid $40 for this but actually it was about $25. I was really excited to get this calendar as I had seen the ones from last year and really wanted to experience a different candle for everyday of the countdown, but while this comes with 24 candles there are actually only 12 different scents, which was a little disappointing.

Back in October I started my “Advent Research” and so many beauty bloggers raved about The Body Shop’s 2014 Advent Calendar that I knew I had to have the 24 Days Of Happy in my life, unfortunately it wasn’t available yet, so I added my name to the mailing list and the moment that email came saying it was in stock, I bought it, right there in the Safeway parking lot hahaha.

One thing I love about this calendar (aside from the heavenly scents wafting from it), is the fact that it is also a charitable donation, so when you buy one of these calendars you are providing one day of clean water to a family. At this point you’re thinking “Clean water, how is that a charitable donation, they’re ripping you off”, well sadly about 663 million (or 1in 10) people live without access to clean water, so by purchasing this product for yourself, your actually aiding a family in need as well.

Whilst making a few purchases for the 25 Days Of Christmas Giveaway on QVC, I happened to stumble across this bad boy, it’s the QVC Beauty Advent Calendar, I like this calendar because it encompasses all of the beauty department so your hair, nails, skin, and actual makeup will be covered in this one calendar. I also saw the reviews and everyone was going crazy for this, so me suffering from FOMO, had to buy it lol.

I then happened to be reading a comment on a YouTube video (can’t remember which or else I would have linked it), about the TopShop Freedom Calendar, which I was like “Is that some sort of like protest thing” (shows how much I know lol), so I clicked the link and it took me to this amazing calendar. It is 24 days of jewelry, now it’s not going to be a Tiffany Bracelet or anything, but I still love the idea of getting a little something new everyday.

My final Advent purchase happened because I stumbled into my local Starbucks on the right day, the Starbucks Advent Calendar is a hot commodity where I live, they sold out island wide last year and they never got any new stock, so when I saw this lone guy sitting in the basket and the barista said it was their last one for the season I grabbed it, and never let it go…well I did, when I got in the car, cause that would have been awkward, but I think you get my point. I do however feel like it might be a little over hyped as it actually only contains chocolate, peppermint bark, and one $5 gift card, so I have a feeling I probably won’t repurchase this one next year.

I know you may be thinking I bought to many, which I completely agree with, but I also feel like this is my last Christmas in my 20’s, the last Christmas before I am supposed to be a full on proper adult who has babies, and sits at home on a Friday night and goes to bed at 9pm…wait I do that already lol. My point is this Christmas feels like my last hurrah before I have to full on settle down and do a lot of really boring adult things, so I’ve decided to live it up, go big or go home, all or nothin, the hell out of this Christmas.

Did you get an Advent Calendar this year, which one?

Here is today’s video (it has the 25 Days Of Christmas Day 1 video in it), as well as the Daily Vlog!




  1. December 1, 2015 / 8:02 pm

    that play mobile looks like fun 🙂 though i heard great things about the qvc!

  2. December 2, 2015 / 12:56 am

    I haven't ever had an Advent Calendar, but I admit it looks like a lot of fun. I think a makeup one would be the most fun!

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