Hi guys, I hope you all had a fun and SAFE New Year, today I want to talk to you guys about a few changes coming your way….

1. When I first started my Channels/Blog it was supposed to be a collaboration channel between my sister and I where we would do hair and makeup, and on the health channel talk about our weight issues and so on, unfortunately she has the busiest life in the whole world and was not able to contribute to these things. I spent all last year desperately trying to keep up with my cooking, health, beauty, gaming, and vlog channel which caused a lot of anxiety as well as a bit of self hatred for not being able to do it all. This year is going to be different, this year is all about you and me, and being able to connect and make my passion for blogging and uploading fun again, so I have decided to combine my channels into one, from now on I will follow the following upload Schedule starting Monday:


  • Style Sunday
  • My Meals Monday
  • Tutorial Tuesday
  • Workout Wednesday
  • Thoughts Thursday
  • Fun Friday
  • STAT Saturday

This will be uploaded on my YouTube.com2BeeDazzledBeauty channel on their correlating days, I of course will still blog these days as well.

2.  I have decided to Daily Vlog this year as I miss you guys from Vlogmas, it was so much have having you guys in my pocket and pulling you out whenever I needed a chat or a little emotional boost, and I also loved chatting with you guys in the comments and twitter, Facebook, and instagram. At first I was quite bold and said “I will daily vlog everyday for a year” and then my sister said “maybe try for something not so lofty like a month” so I will try this on a month by month basis and see how it goes. You can follow my daily vlogs here.

3.  I am going to start paying attention to my gaming channel as its something I really enjoy and one of my Christmas gifts this year was an elgato which means I can actually film better games!!! If you would like to see that you can find it here, I haven’t actually decided how often I will be uploading here, it will be at minimum 1 day a week on Saturdays, if I am able to add in more days without getting that overwhelmed feeling I will.

4.  And finally I enjoyed doing the 25 Days Of Christmas Giveaway so much that I have decided to bring back the monthly giveaways, these will have a 2 main rules:

There are a couple of ways to get some extra entries:

and lastly you can receive 1 extra entry per individual video,  comment, for example I upload 7 days a week on my main channel, that means you can go comment 1 time on all seven videos which provides you with 7 extra entries for that week or 30/31 entries per month, as well as the other optional entries.

All monthly giveaways will be announced on the first Friday of every month so for this month it will actually be tomorrow, tomorrows giveaway is the Blogilates 2015 Fitness Planner, you can get your entries for it in now, because the winner will be announced tomorrow, as well as I will announce what the giveaway for February will be.

I want to end this post by saying how honored I am that you are here taking this journey with me, I love you guys and cannot even tell you how amazing it feels to have so many amazing people out there rooting for me. So lets make 2015 the best year ever, lets work towards our goals and love and support each other…Lets start a coversation below on what your goals are so we can all give you a big CyberHug to show you love and support as well.




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