How to Apply Eye Cream

I recently was talking to a friend who was having issues with her eye cream, I realized as she was talking that she was using too much and applying it to close to her lash line. After telling her how to properly apply it, she came back a few days later and had said how much better her eyes were feeling, so I thought I would share this with any of you who may be struggling with this as well.

For the demonstration in the video I am using Origins Plantscription and Estee Lauder Advanced Night, I wanted to use two different bottle dispensing systems so no matter what your using, pump, or open lid, you can apply your eye cream properly!

Place a pea size amount on your ring finger, then dab your other ring finger against the first one, you should now have half the eye cream on each ring finger. Lightly dab the eye cream from the bottom outer corner of your eye, up and around the inner corner of the eye and moving over the brow bone. Your eye cream will move up to one inch from where you placed it, so you want to avoid getting too close to your actual eye as it can seep into the eye causing a burning/itching/blurry vision effect.

And thats it!! You should apply your eye cream just after cleansing and toning, just before serums and moisturizers. Your eye cream should also be applied two times daily, just like the reset of your skincare routine.
If you have any other questions, or requests leave them in the comments below and be sure to check out the video for this post, as it’s much easier to see how to do it through video format, rather than my terribly explained version lol. Also incase you don’t follow my daily vlog channel, I am giving away a Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Bundle!!! head over to this blog post to learn how to enter!



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