Ball Sit Up’s

Nobody likes to do sit ups, but we all know if we wish to have a flat stomach like the celebrities we must suffer through them. I have found the ball sit up can be easier for keeping proper form, it works from the top of your stomach all the way down to your pelvic bone, and they are slightly more fun than traditional floor sit ups.

Step 1:

Lay flat on your back legs stretched straight out and arms stretched over head with a stability ball in hand, inhale…

And exhale lifting your legs up towards your waist, shoulder blades off your mat and place the ball from your hands in-between your feet, try to keep your chin off your chest, imagine and orange tucked under your chin and you can’t move your chin down…

Once the ball is placed securely in your feet lower your feet to the floor and shoulders and head back on your mat…

Repeat pass the ball from feet to hands then hands to feet and so on and on.

When doing this always remember to exhale as you come up and inhale as you go down to get a nice flat tummy.

I used to do about 60 of these in a set, but as you can see from the side views of these pictures I’m not in the shape I used to be and can now do about 10 before needing a break.

Also a good way to amp this up is get a smaller ball, the smaller the ball the higher you lift to pass back and forth, the bigger the ball the easier it is as you don’t have to lift as high.

Let me know if you try these, beware you will feel this in every inch of your tummy!

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