Bath & Body Works Haul April 2018

I think if anyone from the future took a look at my youtube channel and blog they would have one big take away I FREAKING LOVE BATH & BODY WORKS!!! There is something about having some amazing scented candles that match your hand soap and body lotion haha!


I of course am OBSESSED with the summer candles, but I am also loving the new jar designs, I can’t wait to repurpose them!

Tiki beach candle 

White barn praline pecan Candle 

White barn mahogany teakwood Candle 

White barn pink prosecco Candle 

White barn pure white cotton Candle 

White barn fresh cut lilacs Candle

 White barn copper coconut Candle

lemon candle 

Mint candle 

Mango mai tai handsoap

Pineapple colada handsoap 

Fiji white sands handsoap

Papaya & mint handsoap 

Island white sand body cream

Fresh sea salt mango body cream 

Fresh sea salt mango aloe lotion

Pink lily & bamboo aloe lotion 

Island white sand aloe lotion 

That is everything I got from Bath & Body Works, I would love to know what your favorite item from Bath & Body Works is, mine is the Winter Candy Apple Candle, you can see the video for this post here.


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