What Is The Best Natural Deodorant?

In December 2016 I watched a youtube video all about deodorants and the harm they can cause us. It left me feeling quite scared and confused as to what product I should be using instead, I mean I live in Hawaii so it’s hot & humid and I NEED something! I went online and found four natural deodorants that seemed popular but they all seemed to have mixed reviews, so I bought them all and have spent the last 7 months trying them all out, and this is what I’ve found….

Korres Equisetum 24HR Deodorant

This deodorant I bought from Sephora, and it was the most dissapointing out of all of them, and not just because of the cost, which was almost $20!! I found this didn’t act as an anti-persprint, as well as it didn’t help with my smell, frankly I stunk when using this. Also the scent of this deodorant is very unpleasant, the only thing I could come up with to describe the smell is motel soap mixed with play dough. I would say steer clear of this one if you want to ever be invited over to someone house lol.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

The Lavanila brand was the one I was most excited to try, I had heard amazing things about this brand, and I love that they have a plethora of scents to choose from. I myself prefer the Vanilla Blackberry, the Vanilla Coconut had a peppermint scent that was a bit sweet smelling. This deodorant did the trick, it kept me from sweating the usual buckets that I seem to when working out in the gym, and it made sure I smelt amazing whilst doing it. However I did sadly have an allergic reaction to this deodorant, which makes me so sad, and I did try and power through it, but it did get to the point that I finally had to stop using it and go to the doctor for a Cortisone injection.
Having told you about that, I honestly feel like it was me and my sensitive skin, and not something specific to this brand as I’m sure it would be wide spread news if everyone was being affected. So I would recommend this as it did it’s job, but if you do experience any swelling, burning, itching, or rashes then be sure to stop.

Salt Of The Earth Pure Aura 

This spray smells quite clean with a hint of lavender, which to me is a nice scent, however when it comes to spray deodorants I never know if I applied too much or too little, and then there is the inevitable spraying yourself in the face. I also found this to be quite drying. I chose not to continue on with this solely because I don’t care for the spray application.

Salt Of The Earth Crystal Deodorant 

This was the last deodorant I bought, and the last I tried because I think I found my holy grail!! This “technology” behind this deodorant confuses me, as it’s only ingredient is “Pure Ammonium Alum Crystallised Salts From Thailand”, and yet not only do I not smell, but I’m not sweating at all! To be completely honest though I do find this to be very drying so I have started applying less than a pea size amount of moisturizer about 5 minutes after applying this deodorant.

And that is my natural deodorant journey, I would love to know if you’ve tried any natural deodorants, and if so have you found one you like?

You can also watch todays video for this here.

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