A Bit Of A Fail | My Meals Monday

This year one of my goals was to go back to being vegetarian and maybe move closer to being Vegan, for the month of January I had wanted to remove dairy from my diet, I know that most vegetarians consume dairy but for myself I always feel better without it and since I don’t drink milk, eat butter, or eat much cheese I thought tis would be easy, boy was I wrong, there is so much hidden dairy in so many everyday items, I am really going to have to work on reading my food labels!


I started my day off with a huge tumbler or water, a black coffee, my orange juice mixed with my collagen (I am currently researching collagen powders trying to find one that is plant based, mine is the Vital Proteins fish based), and then I had two slightly over baked eggs on toast with pesto, and this is where the dairy snuck up on me, I completely forgot that pesto can most of the time contain parmesan so I am going to have to start making my own pesto at home.


I had another huge tumbler of water, which by the way how cut is this copper tumbler, this is from Starbucks and it was in my stocking for Christmas! Food wise I had left over spaghetti, this was me trying to clean out the fridge, you know how at the end of the year you spend so much time eating out that you end up with way too many left overs, well this was us!

Between lunch and dinner I had another black coffee but forgot to take a picture of it.


For dinner I had my left over prime rib from New Years Eve (this was filmed on news years day BTW), it came with a baked potato so I finished that off as well.


For dessert I had some carrot cake, this again had dairy in the frosting, which was so frustrating, I’m learning (again) that when you are making a major diet change you end up hitting so many road blocks and make so many mistakes.

I’ve decided for the sake of my sanity I am going to focus on weeding out obvious dairy ie coffee made with milk, ice cream, etc, and beef, both are fairly easy as I don’t eat either that often.

If you want to see the video for this post you can find it here, and I would love any advice on going vegetarian/vegan if you have it.


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