Budget Home Gym Equipment

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s fitness went straight in the trash in 2020, I wanted to make sure that 2021 was better and invested in some budget friendly home gym essentials, everything listed here I actually own and bought with my own money, and spent hours researching before buying, I also love it all!

I recently bought my husband Don a Hydra Rowing Machine and have been using it myself, this Snode Rowing Machine is AMAZING! It sits higher than traditional rowing machines that I’ve seen which makes it easier to get on and off, it doesn’t make a lot of noise, its slightly shorter than most rowers I’ve seen, and it even sits up to get it out of the way!

For spin bikes I started off with the Sunny Health Pro, and then upgraded to the Peloton after having it for a few years. Sunny Health is a really good brand and they have a slightly more advanced bike that shows you your cadence which is really helpful and one of the big pros of the peloton. I also gifted my mom and grandma the PooBoo Recumbent bike, this is perfect for anyone that doesn’t enjoy a traditional spin bike!

For my fellow Reformer Pilates lovers I have the Balanced Body Tower of Power, its a bit more expensive than most would like to spend so I did some research and found the AeroPilates Reformer, they even have a Tower that can be attached for a well rounded pilates experience! I also use the Pilates Arc, this can be used with or without a reformer and is amazing for stretching and there are quite a few classes/DVDs that use only the Arc!

You can’t go wrong with some resistance bands, this would replace any cable machines you use at the gym and the Peach brand is my favorite! The Loop Bands are your thigh bands, the smaller rubber bands are used around your ankles/calves and have different resistance (weight). The sliders come in a set of 2 and will give you the most intense leg day known to man! The tube bands come with the door jam hook and if you add on the ankle clips you are truly set for a full body weighted workout at home!

The Bosu is a great item but a tad bit expensive ($120) so I opted for the Gaiam Disk and use this for stabilizing/core workouts.

For yoga mats my favorite are the Popflex Vegan Suede which has about 1/4 inch of foam so its perfect for anyone needing a little extra padding and the This is Olie Eco Rubber grip mats are amazing, these are thick and heavy but they offer so much grip support which I need!

I also invested in a pack of gym foam mats, these are really light, hook together like a puzzle, and are perfect for the Peach Sliders to slide on! I also use a foam roller at the end of the night to keep myself from becoming too stiff and it really helps with soreness!

I hope this post helped you find some budget friendly fitness equipment, I would love to know what your favorite form of exercise is, mine is pilates and for mental clarity in the morning it would have to be spin!

If you’d like to see the video for this post you can find it here!


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