Style Sunday: Casual Style


As you know I live in Hawaii where it can be so incredibly beautiful with amazing tropical weather, sadly with that tropical weather we get some crazy tropical storms as well as humidity, so because of that when I hangout at home for the day I want something that is super comfy, but is also made of light material that doesn’t cause me to overheat.

Today I am just spending the day organizing my office and getting my filming area all set up with all of  my new toys that I got for Christmas, as well as getting my entire house in order so that tomorrow I can start a whole new life without any annoying remnants of last year pulling my down.
So today’s style isn’t exactly ”Stylish” but at the same time I’m comfortable whist working and thats what matters…Today I am wearing a 3/4 sleeve light sweater from Ross (here is a similar one), and some black cotton lounge pants from Costco, as well as my slippers that I purchased from Macy’s.


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