My Christmas Eve Box🎄

Every year as November rolls around I start to plan out my Christmas Eve Box, my family and I have always loved Christmas Eve, in some ways more than Christmas Day. We tend to spend the day getting the house cleaned up, getting all the kids ready for bed, and then right around 8pm we would make some spiked hot chocolate, put on ends episodes of George Carlin, and finish wrapping all our last minute gifts. Even though we have seen every single episode that George Carlin ever filmed we still watch them every Christmas Eve, it makes things fun as we laugh together, whilst also saying the punch line along with George.

Because of our Christmas Eve traditions it has made me love the idea of Christmas Eve boxes as you pack it full of items that make that evening so cozy and enjoyable, so for the last few years I have really enjoyed building my Christmas Eve box and sharing it with all of you, so here we are doing another Christmas Eve Box Unboxing!

I bought the box I’m using from Ross they get some of the most beautiful boxes in there at Christmas time for right around $5, if I would have bought this at say Walmart or Target it would have been $15-$20 easy.

It’s no secret I enjoy a good hot bath, and it’s also no secret that I am obsessed with all Lush Bath Bombs, well I think this one takes the cake, this is the Giant Golden Wonder. You have no idea how happy this makes me, and it’s not just because of it’s size, the Golden Wonder bath bomb is my all time ride-or-die favorite Lush item and yet I can only get it once per year, so I am so excited to spend the evening soaking in a giant version of my beloved Golden Wonder.

***look at the thumbnail of the video below for a size reference***

You can’t have a proper bath without some bubbles so this year I got the Christmas Eve Bubble bar, I have used this before and it smells so good and creates the best bubbles! 

After my bath I’, going to put on my new “Merry Kissmas” pajamas, these are long sleeve with waffle-knit with blueish-black waffle-knit shorts.

I will then cozy up in my new super soft hooded bathrobe, I also got a pair of the ugg fleece slipper socks, which for some reason I cannot find the picture for so you’ll just have to imagine them or watch the video lol!

For my Christmas Eve Treats I have the best Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate with real life Candy Cane Spoons!!! I also will be munching on this Pops Kettle Korn, the Panda Pop is quite frankly the greatest thing a human will EVER eat so I saved my last bag for Christmas Eve.

And that is everything I have in my Christmas Eve box, you can watch the video for this here, and I would love to know if you’re doing a Christmas Eve Box this year, and if so whats in it?


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