Christmas Eve Traditions | Vlogmas Day 24

Merry Christmas!!! Christmas 2020 is very different this year for everyone, we can’t be with the people we want to be with, we can’t go to the places we want to go to, and sadly for many of us there is someone missing from our family.

For those of you reading this that don’t know my 21 year old sister Mandy passed away on September 28th, due to Covid-19 we were unable to have a funeral and so it felt very unsettled, there wasn’t an opportunity for closure, which is why on her birthday November 22 my mom did a digital ceremony, to try and help us feel closure. We then had Thanksgiving and now Christmas its a lot of 1st right after someone passes away. I felt this year it was critical that we stick with the family traditions, we needed to make an effort to have a little extra Christmas magic and it actually wants to make me cry how magical yesterday felt, I wish I could transport that magic to all of you because I know how alone, sad, and scared you all feel.

I hope that you are all feeling peace and love today, no matter where you are or what your doing know that I love you, I care that you’re here, and I’m wishing you the very merriest of Christmas’s!

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If you’d like to watch the vlog from yesterday and see our Christmas Eve traditions you can find that here!


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  1. Cici
    December 26, 2020 / 10:14 am

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Katie! Xo

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