Day 2 Summer Weight Loss Challenge

Today is day 2 of the Summer Weight Loss Challenge, I didn’t make it out to the gym but I did clean a little…maybe…some. I will try and get there it is so hard for me to get motivated especially when Don isn’t motivated because it gives me an excuse not to go, but I did get snaps of what I ate so here goes…

For breakfast I had a bowl of Cheerios’s with strawberries, and almond mils. I also had my usual iced coffee.

For lunch I had SplasH20, and a grilled tuna melt, it had onions, cranberries, and cheddar, oh and tuna of course.

I had a Cara Cara orange for a snack.

 And then because I had the orange and wasn’t very hungry I had some Apple Beet Ginger juice from Whole Foods. Now normally I would not condone juice drinking as a meal because juicing your vegetables isn’t giving you a lot of nutrients, but I wanted to try this and I wasn’t actually hungry. As for the taste I didn’t care for it too much as it has a lot of ginger and ginger overpowers everything if you use too much.


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