Day 22 of the Self-Love Challenge

Day 22 of the Self-Love Challenge:

What is your ideal pamper routine?

I love a good pamper session for me the most ideal one would be an amazing bible bath using a @lush bright side bubble bar, a twight light bath bomb, and the dream time bath melt. I would put on Little Women, The Duchess, The Young Victoria, or Pride & Prejudice (can you see the theme to these movies 🤣).
I would have Mojito (virgin as I’m not drinking so really its sprite with mint 🤣🤦‍♀️).
I would do an amazing facemark probably the @drjart Ceramidin, followed by my most in-depth skincare routine including full body scrub and moisturizer.
I would then cozy up in bed and fall asleep with Louis near by.

What is your ideal pamper routine?


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