Day 7 of a 21 Day Fitness Challenge | My Meals Monday

Today marks day 7 of the 21 Day Challenge from Lucy Wyndham-Read I’m feeling really proud of myself, in fact I’ve been getting a few extra workouts in throughout the week, and I’ve been hitting 15K steps a day!!

For breakfast I had the Rude Health Fruity oatmeal, with a black coffee, and a nice big bottle of water, I’ve been trying to hit 1 gallon of water a day and bought this jug off amazon to help me get there!

For my AM snack I had a ON The Go Cottage Cheese with another bottle of water.

For lunch I made a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich, using orowheat sandwich thins.

For dinner we ordered from a local burger place called Teddys and I got their traditional burger on a potato bun and sweet potato fries.

Thats everything I ate today, if you want to see the video for this post, including my workout from today, you can find it here.


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