Daytime Shimmer Glam Drugstore Look

Recently my sister Laura sent me a picture of a really beautiful eyeshadow look, unfortunately it was created using all Tom Ford shadow, YSL liner, and Mac fake lashes…being a mom of a 4 year old and two month old, she doesn’t have the time or the money to throw at such a glam look so she asked me to recreate the look, but she wanted me to get rid of the fake lashes, use only drugstore products, and show her a really easy way to achieve winged liner.

So for this look you only need 4 items:

Scotch Tape

Milani Bare Essentials Palette

Milani Eye Tech Liner

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

First apply the scotch tape from your bottom lash line toward your brow (watch the video below for a demonstration), then starting off with the first color in the palette step from your inner corner to the middle of your lid, dropping into your tear drop area. The using the third color mixed with the first color sweep from the middle of your lid to the outer corner. then using the second color sweep through your crease and blend to your outer corner.

Then using the Milani Eye Tech, draw on your winged liner, its totally fine to get it on the tape, its going to give you a real clean edge when you remove the tape.

Remove the tape, and using the second color sweep under your bottom lash line, and very lightly line your bottom water line with the last brown color.

Then very heavily coat the top and bottom lashes with a lot of mascara, this will give you the look of fake lashes, but without the hassle of applying and wearing them all day.

Clean up any fall down and along your wing with your foundation brush….and now your glam for the whole day!!!

Here is today’s Main Channel Video!



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