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Recently I have been focusing on making dietary changes that not only are healthy but also induce weight loss, one of those changes I’m making is eating a more protein based breakfast. I was feeling burnt out at the gym and tired after only being there for 30 minutes, so my trainer recommended switching out my oatmeal/cereal for protein items. I chose eggs, smoked salmon, and avocado. I paired this with my usual coffee and water.

AM Snack

After the gym I made this Power Shake, it’s actually just powdered fruits and vegetables, but it tastes amazing. I blended it with 1 small banana and some ice and it was so easy to drink, which surprised me since it does contain Spirulina which is super healthy, but tastes horrible!


For lunch I made lox, which is smoked salmon on toast (usually bagel) with cream cheese. I also had 1 baby cucumber, which are so good, and some mixed heirloom tomatoes.

PM Snack

I had to run to a doctors appointment and on the way home I picked up an iced Americano, I didn’t get a snack at Starbucks because I knew I had been so good with my eating, it wasn’t worth it to ruin it over a muffin, so I waited till I got home and had some almonds with my coffee.


Part of this new healthy eating means buying new foods, I do not like to waste food though, so we are currently working on making our way through our freezer. So tonight we had short ribs with steamed green beans, sugar snap peas, asparagus, and zucchini!


Whilst at Costco the other day I picked up these amazing berries! You can tell the strawberries are insanely rip as they are that deep red, and the blueberries could not taste sweeter. It made for the perfect dessert!

That is everything I ate today, don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me what you had to eat today, and also check out the video for this post!


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