ExfoliKate Review


As you guys know last Christmas I went a bit mad and bought every beauty related advent calendar I could get my hands on, including the QVC which had so many amazing products, and I would highly recommend for next Christmas.

But this little gem also contained a Kate Sommerville ExfoliKATE Intensive Treatment…Aka Hollywoods 2 minute facial. I was so excited to try what I thought was a sample but actually turned out to be one of the three sizes offered for this facial scrub, why 3 sizes, well thats because of the cost. My tiny little 0.5 oz bottle is $24 the 2 oz bottle is $85 and the 5 oz bottle is $175!

Now the product itself smells quite natural like rosemary, thyme, and mint, it’s very grainy, which would be the exfoliating part, and it contains lactic acid, which is going to give you that “glow” which says “Hi I may have used an overpriced exfoliant but damn my skin looks good”!

I have to say once I saw the price I really wanted to hate this, but I loved it, I loved how my skin tingles (and yes it tingles like a mother…), I loved waiting for 2 minutes to go by in the hopes of a whole new youth face, and I loved that the moment I washed it off I could see my skin looked clearer, plumper, and yes more youthful.

However having said all of that I won’t be repurchasing this due to the high price, yes you only use it 2x a week, but I honestly feel like it’s not only overpriced it’s VERY OVERPRICED! If they sold the 5 oz for around $110 I would say buy it, but due to the $175 price tag, I would instead recommend a good exfoliant at around $30 (every brand has one) and add in the Sunday Riley Good Genes for $105 and your still under the Kate Sommerville, as well as the other two can be used daily!

Have you tried anything from the Kate Sommerville brand?

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