February Favorites

I’m not sure how we are already so far into the new year, I feel like the day to day drama of life is stealing my days away lol…but I have finally gotten around to putting together my February Favorites for you guys so lets jump in…

Stila Soul Palette

More than likely you will get sick and tired of seeing this palette, but I honestly love it, I fell like it is truly the best palette that suits everyone, there are warm tones, cool tones, shimmer shades, and matte shades, who couldn’t be happy with that, not to mention they blend beautifully!

Tresemme Mousse

Being a girl with very fine hair, I need mousse to create texture and volume, this mousse it AMAZING!! It’s really thick without being sticky, and I can run it from root to end, without that crunchy-mousse feeling!

Crest 3D White

I love this toothpaste, I have used it for a almost a year now, and can honestly say I am in no way disappointed. You can even buy the separate booster polish and add into your brushing routine 1-2 times a week for extra whitening power.

Rodan+Fields Reverse Exfoliating Wash

I recently ran out of this face wash and could see that my skin was looking rather dull and dry compared to when I was using it, so I instantly reordered it, within days of using it again, my skin literally looked like it was glowing. I would recommend not using any type of motorized brush with this as it is a very grainy exfoliant, so that means no Clarisonic, Clinique, or Olay brushes.

Rodan+Fields Redefine Lip Serum

As you all know I now have invisalign, which means I’m dealing with dry chapped lips, this lip serum has honestly saved my lips, I apply the entire bead (they come in 1 use beads), as the last part of my night time skin routine, and wake up with super soft moisturized lips!

MAC Lingering Brow

This is probably my favorite brow item of all time, not only is it super quick and easy to use but it’s long lasting both on and in the tube, I would say I buy a new one every month and a half to 2 months, and at about $17 that averages out very nicely!

I want to quickly mention while this is not a sponsored post, I do have an exclusive offer for you guys, anyone that purchases a Rodan+Fields skin regimen will receive the Rodan+Fields Lip Serum FREE!!! All you need to do is message Joanne here to place your order, once your order is placed Joanne will mail you the lip serum.

That is everything for this month, can’t wait to dive into March and get my blogging schedule back on track.

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