Feeling Speechless & Lost After Charlottesville

Over the last few days I watched in horror as my country, a country I love, fall into complete and utter chaos.

I grew up in an amazing multi-generational home, we had my mom, my dad (for a while), my aunts, my uncles, and my grandparents, and we were not all the same color, or subscribed to the “usual” sexual preferences. The statement I just made should not be one of shock and awe, it should not make you think less of my family, or make you not want to associate with me.  We were all so loved, and I loved growing up in this huge mixed family that was so excepting of anyone that walked through the front door. I have Black cousins and Mexican cousins,Native American cousins,  and even more nieces and nephews that are Black, and Japanese, and Mexican, and Native Hawaiian, and you know what, I don’t love them any more or less for it. You see these are my people, these are the people that when I have a bad day, or the most exciting news, or just want someone to talk to, I turn to. These are my people, regardless of what they look like!

I cannot tell you the first time I had an encounter with someone from a different race as me, because it was my normal upbringing, in fact they were there before me so I was literally born to love everyone equally.  I’m not writing this to say “wow look at how excepting and amazing I am”, I’m writing this because I honestly fear for my family and our way of life, I’m afraid that hating someone because of the color of their skin or because of who they love is becoming more accepted, and I’m afraid that if I remain silent some day my amazing nieces and nephews won’t be given the same opportunities and rights that I am given everyday, simply because they don’t “fit” with what someone has deemed to be “right”.

During this last election this was honestly my biggest fear, I was so scared that this country wouldn’t be safe for my best friend who happens to be Muslim, or my dear neighbor who happened to be born in Egypt, but now lives here. I was terrified that a growing number of people were starting to use language that sounded all to familiar. However I tried to remain positive, this is America after all, we have a constitution that guarantees us certain rights, right? We have people that will intervene before it gets too bad, right? Isn’t there someone who’s job it is to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen?

I am right, we do have a constitution that provides equal rights to all of us, regardless of race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, we also have people that will try and intervene, and we do have someone who’s job it is to insure our rights aren’t violated, and that person is you, me, your neighbor, your mother, your friend, and the shop keeper down the road. We all have a collective responsibility to remember who this country belongs to, and it’s not the politicians, the lobbyist, or the corporations. This country belongs to you, to me, to your neighbor, your mother, your friend, and the shop keeper down the road, it belongs to each and every one of us, regardless of race, sex, religion, 0r sexual orientation. And each and everyone one of us gets a say in what direction this country goes in, simply by showing up to vote, tweeting your congress member, and taking a stand when we see injustice.

I decided to write this to simply say how scared and lost I feel, how shocked and speechless I feel, and how scared I am going forward, and to say that I love you all!

I am not a particularly religious person but I did do my fair share of Sunday school, and I would like to remind everyone Jesus said “love thy neighbor as thyself” not ‘love thy white neighbor as thyself’!


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