Film Friday:

Todays Film Friday is The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. I have been wanting to see this movie since Christmas and it has finally come out!!!!!

So the movie starts off a little slow for me, but picks up quickly, and I have to say I love seeing Walter Mitty’s zoned out fantasies they are so entertaining, the superhero one was the best. But by far my favorite part was the skateboarding in Iceland towards an erupting volcano, and all the while he has no idea and is instead wondering where all the people have gone.

While this movie is a great family movie and good for a few laughs, there is so much more there. It really makes you want to examine your life and ask yourself “Are you living the life you have always wanted to live, or are you living the life expected of you?” and I came away thinking there is so much I want to do and see and yet I’m not really doing any of it.

But back to the movie, definitely see this and make sure you watch it with a nice bowl of popcorn and someone who can enjoy a good slap-stick laugh.


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