Food Friday

Welcome to Food Friday!!! I will be posting everything I eat and drink on Fridays for the entire year, so lets get started….

For breakfast I went out of my norm and had 2 eggs cooked in a flat omelet pan with a small amount of olive oil, 2 slices of center cut bacon cooked on a rack in the oven, a slice of Oatnut toast, 5 wedges of red grapefruit, and my morning cup of coffee mixed with a small amount of sugar-free Italian Creme coffee creamer.


For lunch I made a 1/2 ham sandwich using Oatnut bread, a small amount of low cholesterol mayo, honey mustard, lettuce, cucumber,off the bone-ham, and provolone cheese. I then added a small side caesar salad using roman hearts, grated parmesan, and costco caesar salad dressing.


I then went for a snack of Honeycrisp apple and skippy natural peanut butter.


For dinner I was going to make fajitas but it seems like to much work (lol) so instead I made sautéed onions and green bell pepper, over Pasta Roni Garlic and Olive Oil Vermicelli, with diced chicken breast cooked in a small amount of olive oil.


Every night around 8-9 pm I have a cup of tea, for tonight I had Lemon Zinger tea from Celestial Seasonings. I made it over ice because it has a very bold lemon taste to it so making it over ice cut the flavor down a bit.


For the whole day I had 3 bottles of SmartWater which is 3 liters.


I hope you guys enjoyed this and until next time….




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