Food Vlog {7/9/2014}


I woke up late and had to run out the door so for breakfast I had a green smoothie (I will post the recipe for my smoothie on Friday), that I added some Sun Chlorella to for the extra vitamins . I also had my normal morning coffee and 1 liter of SmartWater.

Because I had woke up late and had a late smoothie, I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t have time to eat lunch so instead I had an early dinner. I made Cream of Chicken Soup (I will post this recipe soon as well), and I also had a green side salad that had Zukes (baby Cucumbers), tomato, and freshly shaved parmesan cheese.

That is my food blog for this week, as I said I will post my smoothie and cream of chicken soup recipes soon.

If you would like to see my full food vlog it’s below…



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