Fun Friday: Being A Doggy Mama

Today’s Fun Friday post is all about my fur babies and being a Doggy Mama!

As you all know I have Charlie & Louis who are both King Charles Spaniels, Charlie is a Blenheim which means he has white spots and reddish brown hair, Louis is a Tri-Color which means he is black, white, and brown which is why his eyebrows stand out a bit more. Charlie is 2 years old, born November 29, 2012, and Louis is 1 years old born December 24, 2013. I can honestly say these two guys have brought so much joy to my life and I couldn’t imagine them not being here, even though they wouldn’t give me 1 good picture of the three of us hahaha.

Here is today’s Main Channel Video, Daily Vlog, and Gaming Channel Video.


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