Fun Friday: Fall Decor Tour

Today I wanted to show you guys how I have spruced up our house for Autumn, with a little Fall Decor Tour.

This set of what I call dead flowers lol is on the table when you first enter our house, I added some of the DIY Room Spray I did a few posts back and so the moment you walk in you feel like your inside fall, for a lack of better term hahaha, it smells like pumpkin pie and it just makes you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket your puppies and the worlds greatest book (for those of you who don’t know thats Wuthering Heights lol). $4.99 Ross


In my kitchen is this amazing Pumpkin , it lights up when you plug it in so I added a timer so it goes on at 6:30pm and off at 6:00am. I placed it on my kitchen counter so that as people walk by they are able to see it, and maybe get a little fall cheer from it as well. I dropped about 4 whole cloves into the center of it so that it would have a little scent on there without having to spray it, because with the lights on there I thought that may not be a good idea. $8.99 Ross


I got this Gourd Filler set which has some fake leaves and pine cones with the gourds, I sprayed it with the DIY Room Scent and so even when we are eating it has that smell of cozy fall all around us. $8.99

I also added this glass leaf napkin holder which I totally hold. $3.99 Ross


This Center Piece  isn’t as “fall” as I thought it was going to be but I still wanted it to fill the space on my little bookcase in my office because it was just so empty. $6.99 Ross.

Finally I changed my screensaver on my iMac in my office to be a bit more fall like, this was a free download and I did the largest file possible because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t pixelated when it came on.

Growing up we pretty much decorated for every season and holiday, and funny enough it was my dad that was really into it so I think thats why I do it in my own home now, and in a way its one of my favorite things to do because I feel like it allows us the opportunity to stop life just for a moment, and acknowledge the passing of the seasons and the passing of time.

Do you try and decorate for the different seasons and holidays?

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!

I quickly want to mention that I did all of this for under $50 by shopping at Ross, unfortunately they don’t have an online store so I thought TJ Maxx would be the next best thing but they actually have very little online as far as fall decor goes, so instead I ended up at pier 1, so the links in this post will take you to pier 1 but I highly recommend going to your local Ross as some of the items were 75% cheaper there than pier 1. 



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