Fun Friday: Get Ready With Me; My Night Time Routine

For todays Fun Friday I thought I would share my night time routine with you guys.

The first thing I do is wipe my face with a makeup wipe, then I use a makeup remove to remove any products like mascara that was left behind.

I then wash my face using a microfiber cloth and my face cleanser which right now is the Clarins Cleansing Milk.

I pat my face dry and then use my Estee Lauder night serum and face cream.

I then brush my hair and put it up in a bun.

Then I brush my teeth, which I should do before I wash my face but for some reason it never works out that way 🙂

I then apply my lip exfoliant right now I am using Bliss, then a Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizer.

Then I put on my PJS which usually is one of Don’s t-shirts and some shorts or sweats.

At this point I usually walk the dogs for the last time.

Then I watch 1-2 youtube videos, I really like ItsJudysLife at night, I find it really relaxing and then I might move onto an older episode of the SacconeJolys (I have watched them every morning for the last 3 years so I only have older episodes by this time of day).

Then I switch off the fish tanks and its lights out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you would like to see my full Night Time Routine Video it is below……



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