Fun Friday: Lush Haul


 I recently decided to do a little damage on the Lush website and pick up a few of their Christmas products, after waiting awhile due to shipping my box inside another womans box I finally received my order and thought I would share it with all of you!

In the top of this picture there is a lovely wrapped package that says Butterfly, inside of there is a body conditioner and soap, I wanted to try the body conditioner before committing to a $35 tub of it, this package has a small body conditioner and what appears to be a normal size soap for only $14.95.


I don’t think anyone has ever walked into a Lush without walking out with one of their amazing bath bombs, today I bought a Father Christmas, Butterbear, and a Dashing Santa. I also purchased a Snow Angel Bath Melt that I thought was a bath bomb, but I’m sure it will be amazing none the less.


I also grabbed a Bar Humbug Bubble Bar that literally is to die for, this sent is so hard to explain, it has a lot of citrus in it for sure, but I honestly think this is my favorite item I purchased this time around. I also got a Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt, which I again mistaken, this time for a bubble bar but it too will be loved I’m sure.

I always love getting some new Lush products, and hope you enjoyed my little haul, there were a few Christmas items that were sold out, except in the boxed sets, and unfortunately those were a little out of my price range this time around.

If you could have one item from Lush what would it be and why?

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!



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