Fun Friday: Whats In My Gym Bag


For this Fun Friday I thought I would show you guys whats in my gym bag.
I use this De Lux bag as a gym bag because it’s the only bag that I found to match my iPad case, as well as fit everything I need for the gym, without walking around with an overstuffed bag.

I have a Travel Size Dove Deoderant, because lets face it we all need this.


Then I have my Gym Makeup I did a tutorial on this.


I have a set of Apple Headphones.


My iPad, in a Big Buddha Case. This is how I keep myself on the treadmill/elliptical longer.


Some cheap sunglasses, since I am always leaving the house without mine.


A Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works.


A Travel Size Renew Moisturizer.


And finally a Travel Size Neutrogena Sun Screen.

Click below if you would like to see my Whats In My Gym Bag Video.



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