Getting Ready For Christmas | Vlogmas Day 23

Today I spent the whole day running around cleaning in the run up to Christmas. For us Christmas is a 3 day event, we have Christmas Eve where we make cinnamon rolls and cookies and we open 1 small gift each, then we have Christmas Day, and then we have the day after Christmas, this is where we do our secret Santa gifts and is so much fun! We all usually get our house work done on the 22nd and last minute to dos on the 23rd but this year my work ran over and I didn’t get to do the cleaning until today.

Today we also got surprised with a boat parade!!! Its something we have every year but it was canceled due to covid and the boaters got together and decided to put it on themselves where they all just drove down the marina in their decorated boats!

Todays 25 Days of Christmas prize is the Michael Kors Watch and the winner is…. Metriniam!!!!!

If you want to watch todays vlogmas video you can find that here!


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  1. Cici
    December 25, 2020 / 11:40 am

    The boat parade looks so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Katie, xoxo

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