What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Today I am 31!!!! How crazy is that, I have so many mixed feelings about this, I had a whole plan that I would be married by 25 (✔️), I would have 1 kid by 27, and my second child at 30, and yet here I am at 31 without those babies I so desperately want 😭, but today is not about whats missing in my life, it’s all about what I gained, and while thats such a horrible transition into a birthday haul I will say by the gifts my friends and family got me, it shows how much they actually “get me”, if ya know what I mean!

Belif Holy Jolly Hydration 

I received this from my very loving friend Vanessa, I had told her about the sample I got from Sephora as she also suffers from dry skin, and she was so sweet and went and got me this. I’m so excited as I LOVE the moisturizer and haven’t tried the eye cream or the water essence.

Victor & Rolf FlowerBomb Set

This was the gift I was most surprised about as I mentioned quite a long time ago to Don that I wanted to “get a bottle of the FlowerBomb”, how he figured out what I was talking about off of that sentence I’ll never know, but the fact that he went way above and beyond and got me the whole set tells me he not only knows me, but he is also listening, when I don’t think he is lol!

Laura Mercier Luxe Body Collection

This is probably the most grown up gift I have ever received! I’m 100% all about that bath life, give me a bubble bath, a cocktail, and some Netflix and I’m set for the night, but this is the ultimate “GROWN UP BATH TIME”, and I was so lucky my friend Taylor got this for me, as I don’t think I ever would have bought it for myself, it’s just so lux and high class haha!

B. Weiss Moscow Mule Set

Don knows I love anything copper or rose gold, and boy did he do good on this set, I cannot wait to mix my first drinks in there, and use them in Christmas videos and blog posts!!!

Chelsea28 Satin Robe

If you follow my vlog channel, you’ll know that Louis (my 3 year old dog) stole my bathrobe off it’s hook and sleeps with it, it’s honestly so cute to see him pull it down and take it to bed I have completely stopped using it and have allowed him to keep it, although I still hang it up in the morning, if he’s going to be stealing my clothes he can at least work for it lol. In light of the robe thieving going on in my house I was so happy to open this up, it’s so soft and silky and is my first grown up robe that feels almost unnatural to wear lol.

Canon EOS 80D Camera

This was something that Don surprised me with because he knows how much I love blogging and vlogging and he also knows how much I have been lusting after this camera, I have made him wait for me a few too many times while I played with it in the store. I’m so happy to have it and I actually took all of todays pictures and filmed todays video with it!!

Kate Spade Hinge Bangle

This bangle has always reminded me of the Love Cuff but without the $4-8K price lol. It’s so pretty and Don got it in the Rose Gold, which he knows I love!

Alex & Ani Initial Bangles

If the robe story doesn’t show just how much I love my fur babies nothing will lol. The initial bangles represent Charlie and Louis, the loves of my life, the ones that I constantly think about, and the ones that I would do anything for, including taking them for walks in the pouring rain, and giving up a perfectly good robe to haha! So it’s only fitting that they knowing my obsessive love for them would get me these bangles for my birthday, and though they deny it, I suspect they may have had a bit of help from Don on this LOL!

Custom Yankee Candle

This candle means so much to me, the picture is of my Niece Sophia and my Nephew Nicholas, they call me Kiki as when Sophia was little she couldn’t say Katie. This is in a balsam scent which is perfect because Christmas is just around the corner and I never get a real tree, so I like to have a lot of Christmas scented candles to make it feel a bit more Christmasy around here.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent me a birthday message, and to all of my friends and family who took the time to find that perfect gift! I am off to the spa for a day of relaxation with Don, and to finally get around to taming my eyebrows lol! You can watch the video for this here, (I am running out there door so I will embed it after I get home!)


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  1. Kriti Goyal
    October 27, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    Happy Birthday Katie…and you have two kids right there with you..Hii Charlie and Louis…and hope u get other ones early 🙂
    Once again many many happy returns of the day.

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