Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Normally Don and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day for a couple of reasons,

1. We don’t need a specific holiday to remember how lucky we are to have a good healthy relationship with someone.

2. We usually forget lol.

3. After almost 10 years together it just seems like too much work J/K we actually celebrate Christmas and Birthdays so adding in valentines day seems like a lot of gift giving, especially when you account for the surprise gifts we get/give through the year.

 But this year Don went above and beyond on his husband duties and got me Louis the cutest King Charles puppy, who actually has the same parents as Charlie so they are real brothers.

Then he gave me 2 boxes of chocolate, 1 giant chocolate kiss, and a cute little teddy that sings One Direction songs whilst a sign pops up saying I Love You.

I on the other hand gave him a membership to 24 Hour Fitness…I’m a practical gift giver lol.

We have no other plans for the day other than stay home and veg on the couch with good movies.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentines Day, and until next time….








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