How I Get Motivated For The Gym

Today’s Workout Wednesday is more of a sit down chat, I wanted to talk to you guys about how I was able to get out of that “I Don’t Want To Go To The Gym” funk, and got into the “I Love The Gym” vibe!

If I was going to point to one thing that helped my boost in workouts it would be joining a gym, my condo has a gym but it’s hot in there, there isn’t enough gym equipment, and it’s an extremely small space, if there is more than 2 people it’s over crowded.

The next thing was after a month of hardcore workouts, I invested in some high quality gym clothes, (which I shared with you guys in my 2 Victoria Secret Pink Hauls). By purchasing really cute but functional clothing it helped give me a bit of a confidence boost walking into the gym.

Then I started watching The Walking Dead, I allow myself 1 episode a day, and I have to be at the gym to watch it. This has been huge for me, I was able to go from counting the seconds on the elliptical to not wanting to get off.

I would also say the Apple Watch (it was a gift from my husband), has been huge in motivating me. I am able to track my workouts, my calories, my steps, and a multitude of other things. With this watch I can tell you how my workout in the gym was today, yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, 5 months ago…it’s pretty amazing to be able to look back and see the progress I’ve made.

In the end getting motivated to go is really about creating an inviting space that you want to walk into, if it’s a place you dread it will always be an uphill battle, but by creating a space you want to go to everyday, you’ll reach your goals in no time.

I am running out of episode for The Walking Dead, do you know any shows that have a lot of episodes?

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