How I Learned To Drive

Today I thought I would talk about how I learned to drive. I am a very confident driver and after mentioning that in one of my car chats in a daily vlog, I was asked how I become a confident driver, so here is How I Learned To Drive.

My mom started teaching me at 14 years old, we lived out in the country on a dirt road and had to drive about 2 miles to get our mail everyday, so my brother and I would take turns driving down there. I was really lucky to have my mom teach me, she is a very calm person who almost never yells, which creates a very calm relaxed environment in the car, which in my option is key to learning to drive, due to the insane amount of stress and anxiety new drivers feel.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video was if at all possible learn to drive in an automatic. I learned in a manual and having to worry about the clutch, and rolling backwards is so much extra work, once you have the basics of driving down, adding in the manual will be much easier.

Tip number two is sit in your car, learn what every dial, button, screen, and knob is for. Once you feel 100% comfortable with your car that boosts your driver confidence by at least 50%.

Three would be to make sure your mirrors are exactly where they should be before leaving, and adjust your seat properly. When your in the driver seat you should be far enough forward that you can reach the gas comfortably, but not so far forward that you’re smacking your knee on the dash every time you hit the brake. As a short person myself I understand how difficult it can be, but once you find your sweet spot you’ll be happy you took the time.

Next when you’re learning to drive pick the calmest person you know to teach you. If your a minor this would be either of your parents, if your over 18 it can be any licensed driver you feel most comfortable with. Once you find your person head to an empty parking lot or roads out in the country. Practicing with no other cars around is so import in the beginning as your learning the touch of your gas and breaks, how long your car is, what spots you can squeeze into.

Tip number five is create good driving habits now. Don’t feel the need to show off or be the angry driver, or the driver who tailgates, thats how accidents happen. A good defensive driver gives everyone else on the road their space, and if you encounter a driver thats following you to closely, allow them to pass you without yelling or giving the finger lol.

Finally plan a road trip! At this point you need to be driving anywhere and everywhere, which means if your little brother/sisters asks for a ride, give it to them. But the best part of learning to drive is road tripping with your friends. Plan a trip that includes a freeway if possible, you need the practice, and hit the road. Your first trip shouldn’t be more than a few hours, you don’t want to get in a situation where you panic and can’t get back.

At the end of the day enjoy it! Driving for me represents freedom, I never have to ask someone for a ride, or if I’m in a bad situation I can just drive myself out of it.

If you would like to see the video for this post you can find it here. I hope this post was helpful, if you have any tips for other readers out there please leave them below, and if you have any questions or content requests please leave those below as well.

Also I would love to hear how you learned to drive, how old where you, and who taught you?


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