How to Clean An Ultra Dirty Foundation Brush

We all have those weeks where we just don’t want to clean our makeup brushes, but then the next week rolls around and our brushes are so full of product not only are they not applying our makeup correctly, but now we really don’t want to wash them. This is a super easy way to remove product build up from those tightly packed foundation brushes like my Zoeva Buffing brush.

Take a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tap and swirl your brush into, then using lukewarm water push the oil out of your brush, you will then see a lot of product come out, you can repeat this step if you feel its needed, then wash your brush with whatever soap you like, I used Nexus shampoo because thats what I had, repeat this step 2-3 times until all product has been removed. Then lay flat to dry and your ready to go again. You want to make sure you remove all of the oil because it will make your brush greasy as well as it will not apply your makeup correctly. The full video for this tutorial can be found here:


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