How to Wash Your Hair

So a few months back I received an email from one of my younger subscribers on YouTube asking me for advise on shaving. Growing up I had my mom and 2 older sisters to turn to in times of need and never considered the fact that a lot of young girls do not share in that luxury. This particular subscriber asked for a “How To Shave Your Legs Video” and I gladly delivered. Then a short time after that I received a request from another subscriber on “How To Shave Your Armpits” which I also happily provided. Now that same subscriber who I will call Sally has asked me to provide a video on How To Wash Your Hair.

This seems like such a simple task and yet can get quite confusing for girls as they get older because of the changes we experiance in our bodies. Sally actually has a very similar situation to myself, I have very oily hair (which is funny because my skin is normal to dry), and if I don’t wash my hair daily it becomes oily very quickly. I spoke to my amazing hairdresser Jen about this same problem a few years ago and she gave me amazing advise that has stopped any hair damage from over washing as well as saved me money on my shampoo and conditioner.

Jen’s advise to me was to apple the shampoo starting at the back of your head working your way up. When you do this you want to avoid adding the shampoo from the neck down as it will dry out the ends, focus on the neck up as well as massaging it into the scalp, but not scrubbing. When you do this make sure you are getting underneath the top layer of hair especially around the cap of the head so you are not just surface cleaning, you are deep cleaning.

After you have shampooed and rinsed your hair you may choose to repeat the process if you have a lot of product build up. If you don’t not have a ton of product in I would jump right into conditioner.

When you condition your hair you want to focus on the neck down and really massage the conditioner into your ends. If you have very layered hair like myself you can add a TINY amount of conditioner to those ends but avoid rubbing it into the scalp as this will lead to more oil.Once you have the conditioner in your hair allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes, this is the time that I normally shave my legs. After your 3-5 minutes is up rinse your hair.

When you are ready to dry your hair do not ring your hair in a downward motion, that will cause your hair to break. Instead squeeze and release and then move your hands down squeeze and release and continue down until you have done the length of your hair.

Sally I hope this video helps you and anyone else that has oily hair.

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