I AM So SORE!!!!

Today was my first day back in a “real” gym in about 4 months!!! And you know what, I AM SO SORE!!! I absolutely hate myself right now for allowing myself to fall so far behind. I literally walked into the gym and did the elliptical for 17 minutes,  (yes 17 minutes not 15, not 16, but 17, lol), and I knew when I left there I would be sore tomorrow but I didn’t know I was so out of shape that I could be lying on the ground outside because I hurt too much to open the sliding glass door and go inside.

In fact I hurt so bad as I lay here typing this and having already taken 3 Tylenol, I’m thinking a screwdriver would be amazing right now, not an actual screwdriver the drink, I’m not quite suicidal yet 🙂 I’m taking this as a lesson learned, and that lesson is don’t stop going to the gym for four months and then you won’t feel like your dying!

To then add insult to injury I am so exhausted Charlie and Louis have decided we should go to bed at 12 and wake up everyday at 5 am on the dot, Don of course sleeps through the whining and the sitting on your chest and head, so I get up walk them and beg them to at least let me rest on the couch which so far they have decided doesn’t work for them. I am hoping if I do a REALLY long walk before bed I can get them to sleep until at least 6 but we shall see.

 So that is my blog-rant for tonight, just thought I would fill you in on my sob story…Night-night.


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