Invisalign First Impression & Tips

From the picture above you can’t tell that I am wearing Invisalign, however I quickly learned just because a stranger on the street doesn’t know they are there, doesn’t mean you don’t.

I have learned so much in the last 3 weeks of having my Invisalign and I thought I would take a few minutes to share my thoughts and tips with any of you who are considering getting them.

The first thing I learned is that you will always be aware of the fact that you have your Invisalign in, you never quite get used to having this plastic tray covering your teeth, although after a while it does become part of daily life and so it will get easier.

Second, the lisp will fade, but the lipstick issues will never end, anytime you wear lipstick make sure you “suck your thumb” for lack of a better phrase, and keep a tissue on hand to remove any that gets on your Invisalign, I am preparing to experiment with the NYX matte glosses to see if those transfer…I will let you know. Also with the lisp it will fade by about week 2, but if you have long stretches of conversation as your mouth gets tired, it will start to creep back in. As for your mouth getting tired, it will happen faster than normal, it almost feels like when you have a piece of gum in your mouth and you have chewed it beyond it’s chewiness and it is now that hard rock feel to it, thats your Invisalign…enjoy lol.

Third, say goodbye to straws and glasses and get yourself a small opening water bottle, this was the first thing I noticed right away so I had to switch to store bought water bottles (I went with smart water because it was that or Fiji and the Fiji water bottles are not able to fit in my cupholders in my car or at the gym). I did however find a reusable water bottle that I am quite happy with. Also you will be more thirsty than normal as your mouth is constantly salivating from something being in there.

Fourth, prepare for a few mouth blisters, I had blisters along the side of my tongue and on my gum line, I also had a big cut on the inside of my lip from wear the plastic was rubbing, I can say it was just like breaking in a new pair of shoes, once your mouth gets used to it you will be fine. Having said that have a nail file on hand, there are sometimes sharp edges to the plastic and using a nail file will smooth them out, and help avoid future cuts to your mouth.

Fifth, build an on the go dental hygiene kit and keep it in your handbag, it should include a toothbrush, floss, and pick (or by the floss pick combo like I did), also have a medicated chapstick as well, your lips can become quite dry as the trays push your lips out, creating “duck lips” which really dries them out. Also your Invisalign will come with 2 retainer cases, carry one in your handbag so that you can place them in there whilst eating out. NEVER leave them on the table or place them in a napkin, you may be trying to be discreet, but most waitstaff will see it as rubbish and throw it away. If that happens call your dentist right away so they can order you new trays and start wearing your old ones.

Thats pretty much everything I can think of, I know it sounds a bit daunting but I wish I would have known all of this going in, as I was caught off guard my first two weeks, I thought I would put them in and go about my day as normal, sadly it is quite an impact on your day to day life, but I know in the end it will be 100% worth it.

If you have any questions leave them below and I will answer them.

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