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To say the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics was a disaster is an understatement, this launch was a nuclear disaster, this launch was a plethora of literal black holes, there is nothing about this launch that made anyone happy, not the customers, not Jaclyn, not Jaclyn Cosmetics, it’s safe to say pretty much everyone is fuming about this launch.

I woke up at 5:30 am Hawaii time which was 8:30 am Pacific time, the launch was scheduled for 9:00 am Pacific time, I patiently sat at my computer refreshing the page and at 5:58 am (8:58 am pacific time), the site went live, I already knew I would be buying the full collection so I went straight there, added it to my cart and clicked checkout, after being in line for a short time I was able to complete my order, the email from Jaclyn Cosmetics came through at 6:01 am (9:01 am pacific time). I saw that I got charged for shipping but there wasn’t an option available to me to change the shipping, I later found out it was because I live in Hawaii, (I would just like to take this moment to point out to Jaclyn Cosmetics Hawaii and Alaska are part of the United States so when you say “Free shipping in the US” that means us too).

Within hours of the launch I saw people on twitter so excited that theirs had already shipped out, I got excited as I thought because I had ordered so early mine would ship out soon as well, a day passed and it didn’t ship out, another day passed and it still didn’t ship out, I was confused and emailed the company asking if my order was showing up for them, they responded saying it was but because I didn’t pay for expedited shipping mine would ship out later, I again was confused as there wasn’t an option for expedited shipping for me, I then replied saying I didn’t have an option for that and as a customer who purchased right at launch it should be shipped out as the orders came in, I got no reply.

On June 6th my order arrived (it launched on May 30th so that’s 8 days after the launch), I was disappointed by the delivery time as there were already a ridiculous amount of review videos up, however I never wear a product 1 time and do a review, (1st impression videos are different), so I figured it would be fine.

The first thing I wanted to do was swatches on my arms so that I had those for the blog and the video (I always forget swatches and you guys always remind me that you want them, I was not going to forget this time lol!).

As I pulled each lip shade out of the box they smelt lovely, but I did notice there was an unusual amount of air holes in the product, I know that air bubbles are a normal occurrence in lipstick and that they are perfect safe to use, however I was surprised that they would be allowed to leave the warehouse like that as most companies would have dumped them due to the excessive amount.

I also noticed that they had been sweating quite a bit as there was sweat spots on pretty much all of them, again this is a normal occurrence and I chalked it up her launching in Summer, (I always thought it was odd that she was launching a lipstick line during Summer because you do run the risk of a product melting during shipping). The biggest thing that caught my eye while swatching is the amount of “sludge” coming off the lipstick, for those of you that don’t know the sludge is when a lipstick isn’t stable (meaning in whole form, it’s melting), and there’s good chunks coming off as you apply it. This was happening with almost all the lipsticks as I was swatching them, I also had quite a few of them break (between the sludge and the breaks swatching these was an absolute nightmare), which was odd because I am a professionally trained makeup artist that worked in the industry, and I have common sense, so I know not to roll a lipstick all the way up and then use it, as do most other people.

After swatching these I put them in the refrigerator to make them solid again, after 24hrs I tried rewatching them, within minutes of being removed from the fridge they again were melty and sludgy, I was so confused I live in Hawaii it’s 80 degrees why were these performing so poorly, and then I saw the tweets…

Twitter erupted from customers complaining about their products, showing pictures of little hairs growing out of the tops of their lipsticks, I too had seen these hairs (if you zoom in on the lipsticks at the top of the post you can see them too, I assumed it was because I was swatching them on a fuzzy surface, and most have been a bit carless when opening them), and then I saw people talking about they think they’re expired and it hit me, Jaclyn had talked about her brand would be launching in early 2018, but then because of personal issues she pushed it back, had she made the lipsticks already and kept them in storage all this time? Was she selling lipsticks made in 2017 not 2019?

I really didn’t want to believe that she would do that, and none of us honestly know what happened, but 1 thing I know for sure is the claim about the fuzzy gloves and the towels in the vats are not true for a couples reasons,

  1. The fibers were embedded in the lipsticks themselves, if they were just from coming into contact with the gloves they wouldn’t be embedded.
  2. No makeup manufacturer would ever use fuzzy gloves as they aren’t hygienic, they also don’t use latex gloves because latex is a common allergy it cause contamination on a product that people with the allergy will most likely come in contact with, for this reason they use Non-Latex Rubber Gloves, these gloves like all rubber gloves do not allow for finger prints or smudges to appear on the component of the lipstick.
  3. The vats would never be cleaned with towels, they are cleaned with extremely hot water to sanitize the vat, anything that has the potential of leaving something behind ie towels, fuzzy gloves, wouldn’t be used because it has the potential to contaminate the whole batch.

The other thing that got people were the batch codes, all the lipsticks even the ones of different shades all had the same batch code, how could that be because they weren’t made in the same batch, they couldn’t be as they are all different shades, the company response was they used production codes rather than batch codes as is common in the cosmetic industry. Any one with eyes can tell you production codes may be common for a companies private records but is not common on the box, thats where the batch code goes, you as the consumer are then able to search that code (if the company reports to the database), and see exactly when it was made.

At the end of the day the drama surrounding this launch is sad, I can say with 100% certainty that this is not what Jaclyn wanted, and I truly feel sad for her, having said that it was handled so badly by both her and her team. I will be creating and update to this once we have some sort of resolution from the company.


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