June Favorites

It’s JULY!!! WTF how did we get here so fast? Either way today we are doing June Favorites!!! This month has been a bit of a hectic one, I was sick for the last week and a half of the month and the beginning I felt like I was slammed with work, but I did manage to find a few bits that I loved this month!

Can we quickly take a moment and acknowledge how adorable this picture is. I had to include it as Charlie is always a favorite of mine, Louis too he just doesn’t care to have his picture taken as often as Charlie lol. Ok NOW we can move into the actual products!

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Favorites

I know this is going to be quite controversial but I LOVE this Morphe brush set! You end up 23 brushes and a case for $154.99, thats $6.45 each, and some of this brushes deserve to be sold for much more than that. The Morphe Elite Collection is to die for, they are some of the softest brushes I have ever used, and as something I say regularly ‘A girl can never have too many brushes!’, with this case you will never run out of good brushes. I also love that it included the M439 which happens to be one of my favorite foundation brushes.

Bed Head Resurrection Damage 3 Conditioner

I was given this conditioner by my hairstylist as my hair has been through a lot these past two months, going blonde was never going to be easy, but this conditioner has made a huge difference in how healthy my hair is right now. This also smells AMAZING, I think is smells like fruit bubble gum, my hairstylist thinks is smells like apples, either way I will gladly wash my hair with this simply for the scent!

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control

I suffer from body acne! most people don’t want to admit that, but I gladly will if this helps any of you out there. I have used the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control off an on, and anytime I use it I notice clear skin all over my body within days of first starting. If you suffer with any kind of acne give this a go, but moisturize after as it is quite drying.

Rodan & Fields Reverse Facial Scrub

This has become my go to facial scrub, I can always tell when I’ve missed an evening with it, as my skin starts to look dull, which for someone who has dry skin is the last thing I want. I like that the scrub isn’t too gritty to where is tearing at my face, but at the same time has enough grit to it that I can actually see a difference. This is one of those items that has to be ordered via a representative or by creating a customer account so if you’re interested head over to Joanne’s Facebook.

Tweezerman Nail Files

One thing I can say I have accomplished this year, is I stopped biting my nails!!! However as I spent the last 25+ years of my life biting my nails, I never actually learned any real nail doing skills so I like to keep them short. I love these files as they have grit, most files feel like buffers and then some feel like rough sandpaper, this are perfect and you get a pack of three with super cute colors!

Hairfinity Vitamins 

Because I have been stressing my hair out a lot I started taking the Hairfinity Vitamins on top of my usual VidaGlow, and I have seen a difference not only in my hair but my nails as well. These do say to take 2 per day but at $25 per bottle I decided to take 1 a day and have had plenty of good results.

Essie Gel Couture 

I recently stopped using gel nail polish, and I will be doing an entire post dedicated to that, but I did want to find a polish that could last the full 2 weeks that gel lasted. I was not disappointed by Essie, this polish lasts the full two weeks and they have a massive range of colors to choose from. It’s honestly the best like-gel polish I’ve found.

Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon 

These little color sticks are amazing, they blend really beautifully, and you can use them as an eyeliner. What I love most about them is you can keep them in your bag without taking up a ton of space. Also the lasting power, in fact now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever topped up my eyeshadow when I wear one of these.

That is everything I have been loving in the month of June!  I am feeling quite conflicted writing this, on the one hand we are now going into the 7th month of the year and Christmas will be here soon!!!! On the other hand I feel disappointed in myself for not accomplishing more in these past 6 months. What do you think are you excited or do you think this year is going too fast?




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