KKW Beauty Red Lip Collection Swatches

Finding your perfect red lip is one of the hardest things to find, its like the elusive nude lol, so today I thought I would swatch the KKW Beauty Classic Red Lips Collection!

I wanted to include this picture so that you can get an idea of the lipstick size, that’s one of the things that I think shocks us all straight off the bat as it is a bit smaller than we would expect, how ever I do really like the creaminess and hold of the lipstick so I do believe its still worth the price.

I was really glad that Kim had included an actual classic red, too often reds can be to orange or to blue, so it was really nice to have a classic red that didn’t run one way or the other.

Hot Sauce is definitely not my shade, its very orange and while I feel there are plenty of people that could pull this off, my friend Laura included, this really doesn’t suit my skin tone, I think I just have a bit too much pink/red in my undertone and it causes a clash.

Candy Apple Red is my shade out of this collection, it leans a bit more on the pinky red side and I love that! Its a bit more of a juicy red compared to the classic red and I’m loving it!!

You can watch the video for this here and I would love to know what shade you liked the most!


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