Kylie Nude Trio Lip Swatches

One of my favorite things to buy is lipstick, I feel like they are so easy to collect because you can always find a new shade to play with, you need very little makeup skills for lipstick, and it’s an easy way to change up your makeup look.

Having said that I also feel like a lot of brands miss the mark when it comes to swatches, I want to see the swatch on the arm, the lips, and the swatch on it’s own, also I want the swatches on 6-8 different skin tones so we can see what they actually look like, if that’s not asking too much lol.

Thats actually where I came up with the idea of doing lip swatches as a mini series so every Tuesday for the next couple of weeks you’ll see me swatching some pretty high demand lip products!

This trio collection is sold out on Kylie Cosmetics but you can still buy the products individually, the lipstick & lipliner trio were $87, the individual lipsticks are $17, and the the individual lipsticks are $12.

No filter or editing has been added to this photo as it would affect the shade of the lipstick.

I hate myself for not thinking to get pictures as I filmed this (rookie blogger move lol), this is YES BABY lipstick and HOT CHAI Lipliner. This shade is a bit too brown for me, but it is a really beautiful shade and if you have neutral or peach/yellow undertones this would look fab!

No filter or editing has been added to this photo as it would affect the shade of the lipstick

This is LOVEY DOVEY lipstick and SOUFFLÉ lipliner. I thought this was a classic 90s look you have the much darker lip liner paired with a nude lip. Unfortunately this nude is too peachy/yellow for me.

No filter or editing has been added to this photo as it would affect the shade of the lipstick

This is ALMOST FRIDAY lipstick and DIRTY ROSE lipliner. This combination is by far my favorite, for myself I have pink undertones so anything thats too orange or brown clashes with those undertones, again I wish I had gotten pictures because this one really did look the best on me, its just hard to tell lol.

All in all the lipsticks are really creamy without being shiny, they do require touchup throughout the day but most creamy lipsticks will, the liners are really creamy as well and it is hard to get a really tight line because they are so creamy and the pencil itself does get in the way a little.

I of course have a video that shows you the application process as well as the Sade if you’re interested in watching you can find it here.

I would love to know what your favorite shade out of this collection was and if there are any lipstick collections you would like to see me swatch in the future!



  1. Gwendolyn jordan
    June 4, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    Beautiful colors

    • Katie Snyder
      June 4, 2019 / 6:26 pm

      They are, I just wish I would have remember to get proper pictures lol!

  2. Vonda Mary Kay Dover
    June 6, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Very pretty! I love the last one the best!

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