Leaving Hawaii & Our Trip To Yellowstone

It finally happened the day arrived and on June 15, 2021 we got on the plane and headed toward the mainland for the start of our new life.

Don and I both love our dog Louis more than anything and we were so disheartened to find out his breed was banned by all commercial airlines because they are a snout nosed breed and due to inflight complications (and sadly sometimes death), that some dogs were experiencing the airlines decided to ban them. I actually don’t blame the airlines because no one wants that on their conscience, I never liked the idea of Louis having to fly in the cargo hold, this was something Don and I went back and forth on and we both decided that even if he had been allowed we still wouldn’t have done it, but it also meant we may not be moving because how else would we get him off the island?

We looked into returning cruise ships, they normally would allow people leaving with dogs to catch a ride as most of their passengers fly home after the cruise from LA, but due to covid they weren’t allowing that. Then a friend mentioned someone got a private plane for their dog, after we looked into it we know this was our only choice, it was the only way we could get him to where he needed to be and there was no way he was being left behind.

I had some reservations about the environmental impact but a very good friend pointed out that as I had not traveled anywhere for over 7 years my carbon foot print was offset lol.

We had a great flight, the staff were so kind and gave Louis all the attention he could ever want so he was happy and comfortable, he also had free run of the place they didn’t require a crate and they even had carrot snacks for him!

Snake River Look Out Twin Falls Idaho

After landing in California we visited with my family for a few days and then jumped in our new car (we went for the Cadillac Escalade), and headed out on a road trip to Yellowstone National Park, this is something I grew hearing stories about because my dad grew up close to Yellowstone, and Don had seeing Buffalo in the wild on his bucket list.

Our first stop was Winnimuca Nevada, there wasn’t much there and Louis illegally peed on the grass at the police department so no pictures were taken to avoid prosecution haha!

We then headed to Twin Falls Idaho which was so beautiful, the whole city was so clean and felt new!

Idaho Falls Idaho

Our next stop was Idaho Falls Idaho, we stayed right next to the falls and the friendship garden, it was an older town but so pretty and the people were really kind!

320 Guest Ranch Gallaton Montana

And then we made it to West Yellowstone!!! We stayed at the 320 Guest Ranch in Montana, it was SO BEAUTIFUL, I literally wanted to move in to this cabin, Louis loved seeing the horses, and because he’s a Hawaiian dog tried to get into every body of water we saw, unfortunately it was 54 degrees so a little chilly for us island folks but we still had the best time.

We did lots of front porch sitting, the horses went up on the ridge in front of us every night and we would BBQ and just sit and watch them wonder around.

We went for a full size cabin since we were there for awhile, it comes with a full kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 2nd bedroom has 2 queen beds, 3rd bedroom has 2 queen beds and a bunch bed with 1 double and 1 twin),the living room was really comfortable and the decor was very western feeling.

This was a very special trip for us and I’m so glad we were able to do it. I highly recommend the 320 Guest Ranch if you’re going to be in the area, price wise it was cheaper than the hotels and wanderer cabins.


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